What some of my clients have to say...

Midori E.

Business Owner

Supportive, Helpful, and Motivating!

Ciara is a joy to work with. She listens carefully, has great ideas, and is well-organized. I have some unique organizational and coaching needs and she has been able to craft some good sessions for me.

I feel like I’ve taken a huge step forward in the last month!


As an adult with ADD, my challenge that brought me to work with Ciara was the need to gain insight into myself and the way my mind works to better be able to organize structure in my life. The main focus I had in working with Ciara was for a career change and organizing my professional skills in an effective manner to be able to create an updated resume and work towards a goal of a career change. Ciara was able to quickly assess what my needs were so she was able to help guide me to the tools and help me to focus on the action steps and the change in thinking patterns that would help me move forward to succeed in taking steps to achieve my goals. Specifically by having Ciara’s guidance on knowing your own mind and having the insight to work with knowing yourself and what works with your style was a major breakthrough. Learning to hone in on specific skills that I have strengths in while not focusing on areas that I will not use helped me to assess how to move forward with a career change.

The SkillScan assessment tool was extremely helpful as a guide to break down areas of professional growth I should focus my attention on this year to gain momentum in the direction I want to go in. Having a forward direction with specific goals took the overwhelming floundering in my mind away in order to be able to organize my thoughts to action steps to take the small “chunks” in steps needed to follow a plan towards the end goal I set for myself. This exercise not only was beneficial for career skills, but in general life skills in getting anything done that I put my mind to. By breaking down a goal into smaller steps and understanding the way my mind works has been a huge breakthrough to be more productive in getting things done I’d like to achieve.

I was able to achieve having a clear plan of action for myself in learning to empower my own mind to break down the steps towards a goal into smaller, manageable and attainable goals. Having a mindset of understanding my own mind has enabled me to plan and organize my time more effectively.

The results of the questions Ciara presented to me on the 4 tendencies gave me insight into myself that she was able to articulate into action steps towards positive change in those areas I was looking to strengthen.

Going forward, I will use the knowledge gained by my work with Ciara to keep a continual, active and mindful decision making guide in my thought processes. By knowing myself better with an honest viewpoint and thinking through to achieve whatever it is I would like. Procrastinating or having a “stuck” feeling was the majority of how I spent my time. Ciara was able to help me break out of this “negative” cycle to change my thinking in understanding my own brain better so it works with me instead of against me. I was always “fighting” with myself and my “inner critic” but now I am working towards useful, mindful thoughts for positive change. While I work towards a career change it was most helpful to learn to focus my energy and attention on my skill strengths and turn that into meaningful action steps. I look forward to letting you know what I achieve in the next few months and this year as I work towards a career change!


Business Owner

I first met Ciara about 7 months before we started working together through a free MeetUp. And boy did she leave a fantastic impression! She was so clear, serious yet funny in her approach, targeted, goals-oriented, and well-planned.......... that I hired her as a personal coach. She helps me deal with the "mean girl in my head," prioritize events in my life, and THINK though all of my future actions so that I come up with the right plan. And when I can't, she offers spot on solutions. 

I highly recommend Ciara to anyone needing guidance, coaching, support, and/or motivation for all areas in their life. She is calm yet EFFECTIVE. I am a lucky person to have found her.

Ciara gets right do the heart of your issue and helps you face it head-on. She never tells you what to think or do however, she makes you find your own Solutions. 
She digs deep to know WHY things bother you too, and WHY you think you have your issue. 
She's top-notch, dead on, smart, and has helped me grow so much in the last few years. 
She also helps me remember to focus on my strengths, and not on my weaknesses. I have a mean girl in my head, but Ciara has silenced it so much. I can't thank her enough!


Before working with Ciara, I was feeling like I had hit a wall in my career and was trying to figure out what my next steps would be—the problem was, I had a ton of conflicting reasons to stay at my job vs. applying to new jobs. My goal going into working with Ciara was to (A.) Identify where these career-oriented mental blocks were coming from and (B.) work through my reservations and ultimately decide whether I should stay and continue to learn in my current role or move on to a new opportunity.

The number one breakthrough I had while working was Ciara, was that my self-doubt was ultimately getting in the way of my decision-making.

Once Ciara provided a few helpful resources and exercises—like introducing me to Gallup’s ‘Strength Finder’—I felt like I had the tools to begin conquering my negative thoughts and start working towards my goal of determining my next steps in my career.

Through working with Ciara, I decided to start applying to new jobs outside of my current company. Though I still feel like my current position provides excellent learning opportunities, I now know I have a wealth of experience to apply elsewhere, so I’m starting my job search now before potentially becoming “burned out”.


Before working with Ciara, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. At age 60, I was alone, broke, no job, and living in a studio apartment in rough section of a place I didn't want to be. Hopeless and defeated. All I could do was pray. I prayed for something good to happen, just one little thing...anything!! A couple of weeks passed, I was checking emails. I received an email about a free 20-minute jump start life coaching session. At first I ignored it. After 3 days I made the call to Ciara.

In that first session, I heard myself and how negative and hopeless I sounded. But Ciara was patient, encouraging, and had some really good feedback.

I took her suggestions. After a couple of sessions, I found I was coming back to life. I started to look at things in a new way.

I got a job that I love, started getting active, fixed up my apartment. I am amazed in just a few shorts weeks with Ciara's coaching. I'm excited to see what's next!! So very grateful to Ciara...highly recommend her work.

Marcia C.

Some of the issues that prompted me to work with Ciara were handling rejection, either in a work place or my personal life. Another issue that prompted me was to have a better understanding of how to take the bad things that have happened in my life turn them around to something positive for my present and future.

One of the breakthroughs I experienced while working with Ciara was that I realize now I am stronger than I thought; I can handle things a lot more calmly, instead of assuming the worst. Also to not always assume the worst of others, how to tap into my intuition; to not take the actions of others so personally. Because of this, I discovered that when I assume the worst of others it can affect me emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

I was able to accept a refusal of a job that I interviewed for a lot easier this time than past situations; in the past I would take it more personally, against my character. I really enjoyed working with Ciara, she was a very positive and informative Life Coach. I highly recommend her service to others. Thank you, Ciara!


I was fortunate to be part of Ciara's training and certification having eight pro-bono sessions when she first started coaching. She helped me with my most pressing issues and also identified areas that need attention. I am more focused now and I have new priorities. I look forward to working with Ciara in the new year as I make the things I want in life really happen.

Ciara has helped me identify areas where I did not know I needed help. Tom and I have benefited because we have started dialogue on less important but meaningful aspects of our relationship (decorating the house, taking vacations). He has opened up more to me because Ciara encouraged us to discuss topics that weren't even on the table.

Ciara also helped me to accept myself and the changes in my life.  Having recently battled cancer my entire world was turned upside down. Specifically, I lost interest in my career. This would be very hard for anyone that knows me to believe... but not very hard for anyone who has had cancer to understand.

Ciara has helped me to identify who I am and what I really want moving forward. I am really enjoying my new life!!! She also helped me to look at the consequences of failure and analyze the risk / reward benefit.

Understand the value of her services. Quality of life is priceless. In a country where we spend $1,000+ on a vacation, ~$500 on a car payment, and a hundred bucks to go out to eat, you would think we could invest in ourselves and reap the benefits of coaching.  We are talking about our real and actual happiness here. Come on folks!


Aline worked with me as part of a coaching group for divorced women.

Before working with Ciara I was struggling with feeling any self worth after my husband of 34 years walked out on me. After taking a few of the online surveys the results of personal traits and strengths were revealed to me. As a result, I was able to see myself in new ways, and learned to be kinder and gentler to myself. Every day I remind myself that I am a good person, capable of loving and being loved, despite what has happened to me.