Individual Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative, often intense, and ultimately rewarding process that involves us working together to help you live the life you want, even if you don't know what that is yet!

I use a highly personalized, organic approach to help my clients achieve the results they want. I don't use systems or formulaic methods. My coaching is dedicated to the needs of you, my client. We'll work together to determine your best way forward, week by week, based on what's important to you. I'll listen to you, challenge and encourage you, sometimes I might even piss you off, and it will all be done with you reaching your goals and dreams in mind.

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Personal Development

Team up with someone fun and irreverent to help you on your journey, take (back) control of your life, and make your vision a reality.


If you’ve been looking for a coach that “gets you,” you’ve found her! 

As a community, we face all the same worries, fears, joys, and challenges as everyone else, but for many of us we worry about being judged for who we are or how we live our lives.

Welcome to the judgement-free zone!

Women in Tech

Stop feeling like a second-class citizen in your workplace! Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, voiceless, and stressed and don't know how to fix it, or are looking to up-level your career but are afraid to leap, coaching is for you