People often remember me for my shock of red hair. What I want you to remember is that I help professionals like you attain the life they want, on their terms. I promise to always bring my kindness, my cheekiness, and my genuine positivity every time we talk.

A few years ago, I was where you are…I knew I had more to offer the world, but simply didn’t know what that was. Even if I had known, I wouldn’t have been able to put it into motion, because I was full of self-doubt (who will listen to me, can one person really make a difference? etc.).

Like many of you, I’ve had a successful career in a wide variety of industries. I've worked for companies like John Hancock, The Robert Allen Group, and US Trust Bank, among others. I’ve had a rich and varied work life, most of it spent as an IT engineer but I’ve also picked grapes, stocked food on store shelves, and cleaned at a hospital in my lifetime, all jobs I loved for different reasons.

I’ve lived on 3 continents, having grown up in Ireland, worked in Australia, and moved to the United States in the mid-90s. Through these diverse life experiences, I have learned to not only manage change, but to embrace it! I acquired the resilience to stand up for what I believe in, and stand up for myself!

So, how did I figure out what my next move was, and how I could make a difference? I worked with a Life Coach who illuminated my Superpowers, helped me clarify the changes I wanted to make in my life, and how to love myself again. Which all led to this...

I studied and became certified as a Master Professional Life Coach at a well-regarded coach training school, Impact Coaching Academy, learning the skills that have helped thousands of people just like you. I write for Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Ace-Up. I’m a Petitioners Coach, and have been featured on Women You Should Know.


My purpose is helping people (re)discover their passion, strengths, and how incredible they are!


My greatest gifts are a keen intuition and an innate ability to shine a light on your Superpowers. If you know how incredible you are, and what your natural strengths are, nothing will stop you from moving forward and changing your life for the better! It sounds hard but it doesn’t’ have to be. Working with the right coach can be life-changing, I know from first-hand experience.

My coaching training, years of analytical experience, and my own gifts will help you with your journey. I’d love to talk to you about how my approach can help you make real, positive change. Click below for your complimentary Jump-Start call to get started.