What is this coaching thing all about?

Coaching is having someone with you on your personal development journey. One of your coach’s jobs, is to teach you how to soar in life, in whatever ways you want to. We encourage you when you need us to, push your buttons when you need us to, and are with you every step of the way on your path to the life you want to lead. With the right coach, you will discover what’s holding you back, how fantastic you are, and how to have a happy, fulfilled life.

Coaching is flexible and can be done by phone, so there’s no traffic to deal with, and easy logistics. You can do it from your own home, your office, the local coffee shop, wherever you’re comfortable! It’s as easy as picking up the phone. My schedule is flexible too, so we can make this work for you.

Personal Development

Team up with someone fun and irreverent to help you on your journey, and take back control of your life.

Women in Tech

Stop feeling like a second-class citizen in your workplace!


If you’ve been looking for a coach that “gets you,” you’ve come to the right place!